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Integrated Bodywork therapies

What Can I Expect From A Session?

What can I expect from a Bodywork Session?

Bodywork provides a unique experience for each person, as we all have different life experiences and conditions. My goal is to provide a comfortable and supportive environment for my clients to allow them to open up to the healing potential of their body/mind/spirit.

Sessions are generally conducted on a padded treatment table or specialized bodywork chair. I also use a body cushion for clients requiring special positioning, such as pregnant women.

A session usually lasts one hour, but I have seen great results with just 15-minute corporate chair sessions.

Many clients report feeling rejuvenated and energized for several days after a session.

Through an intake which includes asking questions, observation and palpation, I evaluate the client's current condition and create a treatment protocol that will best balance the client's energy to aid in the healing process. I welcome feedback during or after a session.

How do I prepare for a session?

If possible, please avoid eating a large meal or performing vigorous exercise for one hour prior to your session. If you are very hungry, eat something light and easy to digest like a piece of fruit or some vegetables.

Wear loose, comfortable clothing -- I suggest a t-shirt or light sweatshirt, sweatpants and socks. Fibers should ideally be cotton as this allows for the greatest assessment and conduction of energy.

Avoid wearing jewelry as this tends to obstruct the body's energy.

Please wear little to no make-up. This allows me to better assess your current condition.

Women should avoid wearing skirts as this prevents me from performing some techniques, such as hip rotation, which can greatly benefit the receiver. Please do not wear jeans as this makes it difficult to do point work around the sacrum.

Some treatments release toxins. Be sure to flush your system with plenty of water before and after the treatment. If possible, soak in a hot Epsom salt bath after your treatment. Please also allow adequate rest to receive the best results from your treatment.

How often do I need Bodywork sessions?

Regular treatments are important, but the recommended time between sessions will vary depending on your condition. I often recommend that clients participate in four weekly sessions and then gradually taper off to monthly sessions as their condition improves.

I ask that you commit to four sessions before you decide that this work is not assisting you in your healing.

Do I need Bodywork treatments if I am not experiencing pain or other health issues?

Because bodywork can correct energy imbalances before they become chronic health issues and therefore strengthen the immune system, it is beneficial for everyone to help them maintain good health. This work also brings into balance the emotional and psychological centers so it engenders a sense of well-being and allows the receiver to be open to experiencing life fully with enhanced self-awareness and inner peace.